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120,000 copies distributed as close as possible to your target

Each year, the Tahiti & Moorea guide is published in 60,000 copies and the islands guide in 60,000 copies as well. These guides are available in the network of Tahiti Tourism offices, in the main hotels and guesthouses, from car rental companies and from providers offering tourist activities, whether nautical or on land. Moreover, even before their arrival, tourists find the guides on the Tahiti Tourisme sites, on Facebook, on Google via quality referencing, and even at 10,000m altitude with our online presence on Air flights. Tahiti Nui.


For 30 years, the guides of the islands, Moorea and Tahiti have been an essential landmark in the tourist landscape of French Polynesia, due to the relevance and exhaustiveness of their content, and their unrivaled distribution. Our guides have become a reference used both by tourists to plan their stay and by tourism professionals keen to best advise their clients.

Thus, Tahiti Tourisme and its network of offices and websites have placed their trust in us for many years. Air Tahiti Nui also understands the benefit for its travelers of being able to read these guides in mid-flight between their departure and French Polynesia.

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